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Reconsidering the Curve

By: Alison Berry

Date: Jul, 21 2014

Join us this Wednesday for our Community Builders Webinar, "Reconsidering the Curve: A Small Town Rightsizing Story," with Aaron Qualls, Senior Planner from Sandpoint, Idaho. Aaron will discuss how Sandpoint has worked with the Idaho Department of Transportation to efficiently and safely move vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians through the center of the city. Reconsidering the Curve Like any town, Sandpoint, (pop. 7,000) has its own unique issues, including a state highway that runs right through downtown, divided into one-way streets around the central business district. This set up has implications for safety, downtown business, and congestion, for starters. Tune in to the webinar to learn how Sandpoint is working to address issues like these. We will also be introducing a new initiative from Community Builders, New Mobility West, which works to help communities improve transportation to create strong and prosperous towns and cities in the West. Jillian Sutherland will describe how NMW helps community leaders, transportation professionals and the private sector build transportation systems that support great communities. See you Wednesday! REGISTER HERE.


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